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An Apple device breaking down is a pretty frustrating situation. But what is more challenging is finding a reliable Apple service center with certified and technically sound technicians to diagnose and troubleshoot all possible Mac issues.  PC & MAC Medics is a trusted Apple repair services provider in LA and Ventura Counties, providing fast, affordable, and convenient repairs for business and home Mac laptops. Our skilled technicians can comprehensively diagnose and repair all common types of Mac computer/laptop issues. What’s more, we fix, service, and maintain all Mac models, from iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac Pro, to iMac Mini. So, if you need convenient Mac repair services that do not break your pocket and are performed by Apple-certified technicians, feel free to contact our team at 805-222-6290
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Why PC & MAC Medics is the Apple Service Center of Choice?

There are several benefits to choosing PC & MAC Medics as your preferred Apple service center.  First, you meet skilled and certified technicians well versed with the nuts and bolts of Apple repair. We only hire technicians that are Apple certified to perform repairs fast and effectively. Our technicians go the extra mile to serve as your patient, friendly advisors on all Mac matters.  Being an independent Apple service center, PC & MAC Medics usually have most spare parts in ready stock. This, combined with our technician’s expertise, guarantees a fast turnaround time.  To ensure that your Mac laptop/desktop serves you longer, we perform repairs using only the highest quality spare parts

Our Apple Repair Services

Mac Hardware Repair

» MacBook and MacBook Air Liquid Damage Cleaning/Repair

We have an outstanding success rate of salvaging water-damaged MacBook and MacBook Air computers. You only need to send your gadget in and let our trusted technicians have a chance of saving it. Call 805-222-6290 now!

» Mac Screen Repair and Replacement

Our Mac screen repair and replacement services cater to all Mac display issues with the utmost care, whether broken, scratched, faded, blank, or distorted with horizontal/vertical lines.

» Battery Replacement for Mac

Mac Hardware Repair Services
If your device has a bad battery, it might require charging all the time or shut down frequently. Compared to buying a new computer, replacing the battery is a lot easier on your wallet. The good news is that our technicians are experienced and trained to replace removable and in-built Mac batteries.

» Logic Board Replacement and Repair

Whether you’ve spilled a liquid on your Mac or dealing with a just dead logic board, our logic board repair and replacement specialists have got you covered. You pay only a fraction of the cost of a brand new Mac.

» Hard Drive Replacement with SSD or SATA Drive

If you notice any data transfer speed or storage issues, chances are your hard drive is the culprit. You can get ahead of these issues by having us replace your hard drive with a cutting-edge SSD (solid-state drive) or SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) drive. These drives are quiet, fast, and offer huge storage space. Call us today at 805-222-6290.

» Any Necessary Hardware Repair and Replacement

If you are struggling with any Mac hardware issue, reach out to us for immediate assistance. Extensively knowledgeable and experienced in Mac’s innards, we can repair or replace your hardware and restore the working order of your device.

Mac Operating System Updates

» Mac Performance Upgrades

Even Macs are prone to slow down over time. Program and app requirements continue to grow, consuming a more significant portion of system resources and hampering the quick, responsive performance we expect from Mac systems. As a reputed Apple repair service center, PC & MAC Medics has proven methods to upgrade your device’s performance, saving you from spending a lot of money purchasing a new device. 

» Hard drive upgrades

Our team has the experience to upgrade your hard disk, so you store more games, apps, and visual content. If your HDD is old and sluggish, it might be time to upgrade to an SSD. SSD does not have moving components, which makes it more durable, reliable, and typically six times faster than a hard drive disk

» Mac Memory Upgrades

If your applications take longer to load or your computer takes longer to boot or freezes or crashes frequently, RAM could be the culprit. Optimize your device’s performance by letting our certified and experienced technicians upgrade your memory.

» Mac OS Upgrades and Reinstalls

Are you getting random Blue Screen of Death messages? Does your Mac frequently crash or display the no bootable device message? If so, we can help you upgrade to the latest operating system in the market to get your Mac working more efficiently and running its programs without lags. 

Mac Software Updates

» Mac OS Troubleshooting

If rebooting your Mac fails to resolves lock-ups, errors, and other productivity-hampering behaviors, you will need to schedule an appointment at a trusted Mac repair center. Our Mac OS troubleshooting services could make all the difference between getting your device up and running and buying a new Mac (which can be expensive).

» Mac OS System Upgrades

Running an older version of macOS not only puts your data at risk but also impacts your device’s performance and reliability. So, it makes sense to have your OS updated to continue receiving security updates and new features for commonly used applications. Contact the PC & MAC Medics team today with questions about or assistance with upgrading your Mac to a current operating system. 

» Mac OS System Re-install

When is macOS reinstall necessary? Your Mac is probably behaving erratically, and you think reinstalling the OS might fix the issue. You might want to conduct a factory reset before the device leaves your possession. Alternatively, you may wish to revert to an older OS version if the latest version is upsetting you. Our team can reinstall your OS and drivers at a flat fee to offer a quick solution to your Mac issues and free up valuable space.

» Mac OS System Optimization

You do not have to invest in a new device to enjoy better performance. Our team of Apple-certified specialists can perform several adjustments geared to give your Mac OS a new spring in its step and rev up your device’s performance. 

» Adware and Malware Removal

Malicious code ranging from viruses, adware, ransomware to Trojan horse can be downloaded into Mac devices without your knowledge. Turn to PC & MAC Medics for comprehensive adware and malware removal services that will get your device up and running as quickly as possible.

Apple Repair FAQs

For most repairs, you do not need to delete your data. But you can back up the data to be on the safe side. We also ask our customers to delete any sensitive data from their Mac devices before bringing them in for repair. 

We ask you to provide your pin/password before repair because our technicians need to verify that everything is in working order before you collect your device. We guarantee you the peace of mind that we will not intrude on your privacy. 

PC & MAC Medics is not an Apple-authorized Mac service center but an alternative service center with Apple-certified technicians dealing exclusively in Mac devices. Additionally, we use the highest quality spare parts and offer our own warranties. 

Some of the parts we use are not genuine Apple parts. But as an alternative Apple repair services provider, we utilize the best compatible components that are QC tested for safety and durability. 

It depends on the device’s issue. Most part replacements (like battery, RAM, HDD, trackpad, display, or speaker replacement) take a few hours because we have most spare parts in stock. Fixing a physically or water-damaged Mac could take much longer. 

At PC & MAC Medics, we do not discriminate against MAC models, years, or issues. Whether you have a vintage, antique, or even the most challenged Mac, we welcome and service all. 

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Whatever the issue is with your Mac- no power, damaged display, overheating, bad drive, keyboard, battery, or logic board- the Apple-certified technicians at PC & MAC Medics have got you covered at fair rates. Our team’s expertise allows us to resolve a full range of Apple repairs, upgrades, and replacements in the quickest time possible, saving you time and money.  So, if you need fast, affordable, and reliable Mac repair services in Los Angeles or Ventura County, contact us today and have our trained, certified experts assess your device and recommend the best solution for you. 
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