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Has your laptop or desktop broken down or slowed down? Are your programs behaving erratically, and now your PC cannot perform as you desire? Have the peace of mind that PC & MAC Medics can solve any problem with your PC. We are your one-stop-shop for full-suite computer repair services in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties with the expertise and state-of-the-art tools to diagnose and fix all possible PC issues.  Computer not turning on? PC freezing frequently or overheating? Is the cooling fan being noisy? Screen gone blank? No worries, our highly trained and experienced computer repair technicians will get your device up and running in no time.  We conduct computer repairs using the highest quality spare parts ready in stock and QC tested for durability and safety. This, coupled with our technicians’ knowledge, experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction, guarantee lasting solutions to your PC issues at an affordable price and quick turnaround.
Computer Repair Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Also, we are well aware that some software-related issues can be solved at home or office. So, rather than bringing your device to our shop, you can have our technicians (who also serve as your patient, friendly advisors on all PC issues) guide you through the best solution remotely. 

So, if you need fast, reliable, and quality-guaranteed PC repair services in Los Angeles or Ventura County, we are the tech-savvy geeks to call. Contact us today at 805-222-6290.


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PC Computer Diagnostics, Testing & Troubleshooting

PC Computer Hardware Repair & Upgrade Services

PC & MAC Medics offers top-notch, affordable computer hardware repair services designed to have your PC looking and working like new again. Our industry-certified team has extensive experience with a range of hardware repairs, including HDD failure, damaged screen, unresponsive hardware, power surge damage, and water damage. 

If you want to upgrade your PC hardware, one of our technicians will get the job done meticulously. From RAMs, hard drives to video cards, trust our specialists to install your new components and ensure they are in good working order. 

From laptops to desktop computers of every make and model, turn to PC & MAC Medics for quick and affordable PC hardware repair and upgrades in LA and Ventura Counties. 

» Computer Maintenance

If your PC has not had a maintenance service performed recently or is showing signs of poor performance, chances are it needs some tuneup. Our computer maintenance services can help restore and sustain the working order of your device. They include but not limited to:

  • Registry cleanup: This involves removing all trash and junk files from your device’s registry.
  • Driver updates: We install the most recent version of your computer’s drivers to boost performance.
  • Hardware check and cleanup: Our technicians can remove and clean all parts of your PC to ensure the systems perform cooler and more efficiently.
Computer Maintenance and Repair
  • Bloatware removal: Unnecessary preloaded software can take up valuable space on your hard drive and slow down your PC. We can uninstall common types of bloatware to bolster your PC’s performance.

» On-Site Computer Services (Wireless, Printer, Backup)

If you need a wireless network for your home or business premises, our IT technicians can install wireless access points to cater to your family’s or employees’ connectivity needs. If some parts of your home or office receive inadequate coverage, our wireless extension service could be your best bet for improved connectivity. 

Our technicians also install and configure all models of printers, from simple printers to networked printers. 

We are also concerned about your data security as you are. And we know that data outage or loss could mean a huge revenue hit for your business. Our data backup solution keeps you ready to overcome any risk to your personal or business data. 

» Laptop Screen Repair

If you have a damaged screen, the experienced technicians at PC $ MAC Medics can replace it and have your PC fully operational again, regardless of your laptop’s year, make, or model, 

Sometimes, computer screens display horizontal and vertical lines or even nothing at all. However, with trusted pros by your side, you do not have to panic. Our technicians have many years providing laptop screen repair and replacement services and can install a new LCD properly without putting your data at risk. 

» PC Computer Virus Removal

If your computer is running slow, freezing frequently, or producing annoying pop-ups, it might be time to schedule a virus cleanup with a reputable PC computer repair services provider. Look no further than PC & MAC Medics. 

Here, we take computer and data security seriously as you do. Our technicians use multiple, industry-leading tools to check and remove all traces of virus, malware, spyware infection, and malicious programs to ensure that the computer is running at its full capacity and your data is safe. 

What’s more, we recommend software and offer you guidelines to safeguard your PC against future attacks. 

» Custom Built and Configured Computers

Businesses and individuals have different tasks, program demands, data organization systems, and office/home space constraints. But store-bought brands may not often meet your specific needs. 

Engineers at PC & MAC Medics can design a custom home or gaming computer unique to your specific needs and overall budget. What’s more, our custom-built device will likely last longer and serve you much better than a store-bought PC. 

Suppose you want to upgrade your business computers. In that case, you will undoubtedly not regret giving our team a chance to build PCs customized to your specific business needs and configure them for your entire employee base. 

Computer Repair FAQ

Yes. At PC & MAC Medics we thrive in repairing LCD screens and can have your monitor working again within a day or two. 

It depends on the complexity of the issue. Because we have most spare parts in stock, most replacements (think HDD, battery, speaker, display replacement) take a few hours. However, advanced repairs like water damage repair and repairs that require custom-ordered parts can take much longer.

Repair costs depend on the intensity of the repair. We give you an estimate based on the diagnosis. Should we need to fix additional problems that will likely demand an extra fee, we will let you know ASAP. 

Our basic diagnosis is FREE! When you visit our shop for computer repair services, we set up your PC in front of you, and our PC medics try to evaluate the issues on the spot. Sometimes we call our customers later with a diagnosis.  If your case does not fall under our free diagnosis category, we will let you know and strive to give you an upfront cost of the diagnosis. 

We perform PC repairs on a “first come, first serve” basis. But if your issue requires immediate attention, our rush service can be of help. However, we provide this service at an additional fee. 

For laptops, all you need to bring is the device and any CDs you can find. For desktops, make sure to bring the tower (the unit that houses essential computer hardware- motherboard, HDD, CPU, RAM, etc.) and any CD that belongs to it. Also, bring in any problematic peripheral devices, e.g., computer speakers.

Yes. We support businesses in most IT needs, including data backup, network set up and configuration, custom workstations, and printer installation and configuration. 

PC & Mac Medics – Your Best Computer Repair Solution in Ventura and Los Angeles County

Regardless of the issue with your PC, the industry-certified computer repair technicians at PC & MAC Medics have you covered at fair rates. Our team’s experience and knowledge allow us to resolve a full range of PC repairs, upgrades, and maintenance in the quickest time possible and at fair rates.   Call us today at 805-222-6290 or fill our online form for fast, affordable, and reliable PC computer repair services in Los Angeles or Ventura County. Our trained, certified experts will be more than happy to diagnose your device and recommend the best solution. 
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